Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Suitcase Photos

Ok, so my wonderful sister-in-law sent me the photos from the Mitch and Janice goodbye suitcase cake party. These photos are awesome. I was so excited to get them. I couldn't have been happier with Mitch and Janice's response to the cake. They said it was moist and was really delicious! So, with that I give you:

Yes, this is Mitch having fun with the suitcase cake... he's pulling it! I love this, because this is what my cakes are all about. I love when my customers feel the cake is so realistic, or it surprises them because of the detail. I love this part of my job, the part where the customers love the cake so much... makes me happy!

This is Mitch and Janice in front of their cake! This is an awesome photo... happy customers!!! Yay!

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