Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Already?

Wow, this year sure did fly by. It seems like yesterday (January) I was flying to Texas to see my fiancee graduate from boot camp, get married (same day), get promoted at work (May), have a wonderful birthday with the hubby home from tech school (June), big family wedding (June), move to Okinawa (June), get settled in in Okinawa (Aug.), and sell my first cake in Okinawa (Oct.). See as you read that sentence that's how fast it went by... I feel like I can't even say I was 22 because I blinked and I was 23. Wow... Halloween already?

Ok well, since its Halloween time I felt it only right to get started on those Halloween cakes. So here's the latest cake addition:

And so... whats the verdict? Do you like it? I've been researching this cake for about a week. I finally decided I would go for it. So, I created what i think is really an awesome cake. I feel like I worked harder on this cake then some in the past. I have to say it doesn't look challenging probably from your side of the computer but I sure had to work hard to get those roses to have two colors. I also worked hard to get that stem to look real. I also worked really hard on the leafs on the stem, those were fun! I tried to get those leafs to stand off the stem. They look as if they are blowing in the wind, wouldn't you agree?

Ok so would you take this little guy out of the pumpkin patch if you saw him sitting there all alone? I think I would! How about you?

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