Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Suitcase

That was the overall view of the final cake.

Here's some close ups/detail shots:

Ok, so this cake was a lot more fun then the last suitcase I did. This was a lot of work. It started out a little rough, only because I ran out of ink... Had to get more for the photos. Well, then once I did that, then the last layer of cake just seemed like it didn't want to bake all the way through. It baked an additional 20 minutes longer then the other two layers. In any case, I feel the cake still needed more work... but I guess I'll save that for next time!

Ok, so this cake was made for my sister-in-laws friends who are leaving Oki to head back to the states for their next duty station. All the stickers represent something, somewhere along their path together. The idea was to capture all their travels on a little suitcase, as if they have traveled with it along their journey. It was a lot of work, and a lot of time to do this little guy, but in the end I was glad to hear they all loved the cake.

Its really a fun cake, and I have attempted this suitcase style before, so if you really want to compare and see how far I have come, lets post that picture too!

Ok, so what do you all think? Leave comments come on... really any progress here? I have been inspired by many cake artists out there, and I want to thank them all!

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Anonymous said...

I love the suitcase cakes too, cause they remind me of the old days when we use to get decals for $0.10 from every place you visited. It was such a rare thing for people to fly, so when you did get to go to the airport(& I am talking about in the 50's & 60's), everyone had suitcases with decals on them. You could tell where a person had been from looking at their suitcase. Awesome duplication and great memory for me. Love you - MOM