Monday, April 6, 2009

First Ever Cake Contest!

I finally had the chance to be involved in a cake contest. While I was back in the states I went to a cake contest/ show and it was so powerful. I got such influence and great inspiration from those cakes. Well, you could only imagine how excited I was when I heard there was going to be a cake contest in my area. The cake contest was going to be the weekend that I got back from California. I would have 2 days to fly in to Oki, bake a cake, color all my fondant, cover and ice my cake, then make all the detail work for my cake. It was crazy! However, I was up for the challenge, and mentally prepared.

The week came that I was flying home to Oki and I needed to start in on my cake. I made a chocolate cake with strawberry chocolate buttercream icing and filling. It didn't really taste as great as I wanted it too, but it would have to do because I didn't have time to change it. My idea was "Under the Sea". I was thinking mermaid, fish and tons of coral....

Ok so the contest was judged by how you decorate your cake and also taste. I knew I wasn't going to win taste over, so I needed to win decoration! Well, you had to decorate at the show and had an hour to do so... heres the progress shots, and the final outcome....

This is me getting started on my cake stacking.

I believe I was placing the Octopus on the cake.

I was trying to keep from talking to my husband (who was taking the photos), we were not aloud to talk to anyone.

Putting some detail on the cake... probably coral at that point.

Rolling fondant in my hand for more coral pieces.

This is the runner up....What do you all think? (The background I believe is hand painted).

The 3rd place winner. Black fondant... she crazy!!!!

This is the first place cake...What do you all think?

And finally my 2nd place winning cake!

This is my octopus up close.

My mermaid (and she is sitting on half the cake because we had to cut pieces for the judges.)

The front of the cake after being cut.

And thats me with my 2nd place cake... finished!

Ok, now you all get to comment on what you think and how well you think I did!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Its Bath Time!

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been keeping up with this blog lately, but I AM BACK! Ok so heres why.

I left for the states in mid February to go see family! My cousin was getting married, my mother was missing me, my sister and I needed to catch up, and most of all I needed to be in CALI for awhile! I needed the vacation just as much as my mother Elizabeth did, and everyone else who took me in and hangout with me in the time that I spent out there. If I can I'll upload some photos from my trip, so you all believe me!

Well, of course when you go back to your home town everyone wants to see you! However, everyone wanted to see what cake I was going to make! My old supervisor at my old job in California, was having a baby and my best friend was throwing a surprise party. So guess what I made, yep thats right, THE CAKE! Who would have thought. The theme was ducks, and she was expecting a baby boy so blue was definetly essential. Well, anyways without further ado here it is the Bath Time Cake:

The 3 layered cake.

Cupcakes to go with the cake.

Close up of the ducks on the cupcakes.

The close up shot of the topper. The bath tub is cake.

The tub, water, duck, and fauset.

The shirt up close.

The pants up close.

The clogs or shoes up close.

This is when I first made it. It is not on the cake, but this is the only picture I had that shows the detail work on the towl.

The cupcakes and cake all together. I think it turned out great, but as always I see the flaws and I see where I could have done better.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

God Made Cake's Very Special!

I had an order for a simple girls birthday cake. It was to be veggie tale themed! I had a blast making this cake because it was simple yet really cute. I was so excited to hand it over to my customer. The characters were made out of fondant.

These are the characters before they were placed on the cake.

The side view shows the 3-D of the characters...
The finished cake after a few hours of some hard work!

I wanted the sides to be girlie but not to girlie, so I went with a simple dot and swirl design.

This is the side detail up close...

and the top of the cake up close and finished!

I like how this cake was simple and not really busy with characters and patterns. I really enjoyed making it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Did Someone Say Sesame Street?

I had a very busy weekend just awhile back and on one day I had this huge order for just one person to make. It was just overwhelming and I think I slept for a week straight after I was done! I had an order for a three tiered sesame/Elmo cake. She also ordered twp smash cakes for the twins to have. On top of those 5 cakes, she also ordered 12 Elmo cupcakes, and 15 cookie monster cupcakes! It was so much icing, cake, fondant, and cupcakes I think my head was spinning! Well, after all my hard work this was the out come, and I must say I was kind of shocked at how well it came together.

Cookie Monster cupcakes, these sure have been a big hit lately!

Elmo cupcakes...the nose is made of fondant.

The smash cakes had toppers that would be too big for the traditional "Happy Birthday (Name)" to fit on the cake. So, we came up with the idea of putting their names on the sesame street sign! I think it came together well. We also agreed to make the cakes two different colors so the twin boys felt like they were special, and had their very own unique cake.

The signs before they were placed on the cakes.

Smash cake number one finally done!

And smash cake number two finally done!

Together they looked so cute... I really liked the smash cakes when they were finally all together!

Then the big cake...

This is the front view... this was a lot of detail that took me a few days to cut out and a few days to put all together.

The finished product was just so satisfying to look at I almost wanted to sit around and see all her guests reactions! I just had so much fun, but after I was done and headed back home all I could think was "how did i finish that in time?"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1st Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the beginning of this year! It was a weekend full of wonderful surprises! I even found time to make our special anniversary cake!

This is the beginning of the cake.

This is with our names "stitched" on the hats...

This is a closer view of Scott's hat.

And my hat, but my hats not finished yet. Since I am a girl my hat needs to look like Minnie Mouses. So, whats missing? That's right the bow!

Alright, now that the bow is on and finished lets see the finished product!

This was a lot of fun to make, but I do need to work on the ears a little more. I need to find a way to make them a little stronger. They kind of turned into floppy ears after a few hours... I'll have to practice this cake again sometime soon! But it sure was a lot of fun to make.

Oh and my husband loved it...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its Been Awhile, But Here You Go!

Alright, this has to be probably the longest period of time I have not been able to write a blog. I have been preparing to head back tot he states to see family, and my cousin get married, but because I'm leaving soon I just can't seem to find the time or energy to do this blog. Finally though, I have found the time, and without further a do....

In December I was throwing a Christmas Party and wanted to have something visual to view while I was cooking and not being a great host. Well, it was Christmas time and what house is complete without an at home hand made gingerbread house. So, I decided it would a lot of fun to make a gingerbread house from scratch. I made the dough, then cut each piece out by hand, then decorated it by hand. It was a challenge but I really liked the final outcome!

These are the side, back, and front shots of the details.

The gingerbread pathway was a huge gingerbread piece about 8 inches in length. It was decorated to look like a rock pathway.

After the Christmas holiday passed, the new year was upon us all. My bakery was a little slow due to everyone enjoying the special holidays with their families. So, I had a few days to have some cupcake fun! I made these mini cupcakes and decorated them with all sorts of fondant items.

Sprinkles make any cupcake complete!

Add a flower for a hint of romance.

Any birthday girl would love a butterfly, hand painted!

Maybe a hand painted butterfly with a little "grass."

My favorite part of being in Japan is the Cherry Blossoms. I was finally able to view them up close and in person this month at the cherry blossom festival and well, because I love them so much I had to make a cupcake with one on them!

I also like when the plain butterfly is put on a colorful cupcake! It would make a perfect girls baby shower sweet treat!

After a while of searching the itnernet a million times over for a great whip cream recipe I was finally able to find something that came to my appeal. This is a chocolate cake two layered with melted chocolate in the middle.

The top of the cake with some simple stars.

I then had a ton of left over batter and whip cream frosting so i decided to decorate a million different cupcakes. Take a look at some mouth watering cupcakes... I warned you...

Plain cupcakes... or decorated with drizzled melted chocolate...

I can always go with a chocolate cupcake, melted chocolate topped with chocolate whip cream!

How about some sprinkles to give them a little color?

Or even better topped with a Hershey's kiss, for all the loved ones out there!

Those are the many adventures I started the year off with. I will be adding two more blogs that will include cakes, so keep an eye out!

Are you feeling like some sweet treats now?

Don't say I didn't warn you!