Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cupcakes ANYONE???

I got really bored the other day...

So, I decided "I should bake!!"

I wanted to travel a little away from the usual to make my collection of cakes, and ideas a little larger... So, I thought... What could I do to really get more business...

Then i decided, after viewing a few inspiring photos, CUPCAKES!!!! I drew up some design ideas, and baked some cupcakes. Well, then I got to work on the icing, and soon after I had cupcakes!!! I made a few designs for Halloween, Christmas, and a few just because... WANT TO SEE???

Ok I'll show you:

Ok want to see them one by one? Detail is everything... here you go:

Monday, October 20, 2008

3 Orders in One Weekend!!!

Oh my what a weekend! I had 3 cake order this weekend, and all I can say is OH MY!

Lets start with the suitcase cake. Yes, I know, again! Well, I have to say it has been a hit, so that one was another fun one to do! Jackie was throwing a party last minute for 4 military members who were either headed off to another base, or another squadron on base. She was last minute with her party and of course I jumped in and said of course I would do the cake for her! The suitcase had the new bases, or squadrons as the "stickers". Here's a look:

This cake was marble with my usual icing... Jackie emailed me to tell me that "The cake was wonderful. It was a BIG hit of the party! ... Thank you for all you have done for us! Jackie" I was so excited to hear it was big hit! I love to hear that the cake was a fun center piece of any party! That's why I love to do what I do! I enjoy hearing other peoples parties just became to talk of the town do to the awesome cake.. well, Jackie I would like to say thank you for giving me another chance at this very fun cake! Let me know if you need another one, I have a few new ideas for the next one. ;)

Well, I did say there was 3 orders. So on to the next one! This one was a lot of fun to create. It was a HUGE challenge but I want to thank Daniela for giving me a chance, and later a second chance to create it! So lets start from the beginning! The cake idea was a baby block for a baby shower. I was super excited because I haven't done a baby block or a baby shower cake yet! So, I was so over the top with this cake... ok well let me just show you:

It couldn't have come out better... well... then I delivered the cake... and I got the worst email any baker could get. Daniela had gotten the cake home and it started to fall apart.... weird I thought, but I looked at some of the photos she sent me and all I could think was "oh my gosh all that work and that's what happened... oh no"... I felt horrible. So, she asked me to come fix it, and when I got there it took me a minute to just take in what I saw... However, after a little work, some sweating over it, and a few good laughs... the cake looked just like new! I worked my magic (or maybe luck) and it was back up and running.

I checked in with Daniela after the party to see how the cake held up and she let me know that "... every thing went well, thank you for asking the cake looked great and she loved it and in the end I think that's all that matters, don't you think?" I agree with Daniela, the customer has to be happy. I was glad I could get down there, fix the situation, and hopefully make a new friend! I thank you Daniela for being so relaxed with me and being way too kind... I really appreciate a truly great person like you in the world. Ill make a cake for you anytime!

The final order of the weekend was my favorite one to create. It was a Cookie Monster cake and cupcakes! I was laughing and enjoying every minute of this fun creation. Stephanie wanted a fun cookie monster cake for her one year old son including cupcakes as favors. I think you just need to see how this one turned out, I think you will laugh just as hard as I did when I was done with it:

I also did the cupcakes, but I didn't get a great picture...:

Now you know why I just couldn't stop laughing when I was done with this one. Stephanie thank you for letting me have some fun with this one! I really have to say this was the first time I could step back and really want to eat my own creation! She also emailed me back and said: "Everyone loved the cake and the cupcakes. Thanks again for a beautiful cake and cupcakes! You're awesome. Stephanie" No thank you Stephanie for letting me laugh a little, and create something fun for once... not to mention the left over cookies... my husband thanks you for that!

Overall, the weekend was a building block (lol) to new ideas, new cakes, and a lot of learning! Thanks you to everyone who helped me through this... Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Already?

Wow, this year sure did fly by. It seems like yesterday (January) I was flying to Texas to see my fiancee graduate from boot camp, get married (same day), get promoted at work (May), have a wonderful birthday with the hubby home from tech school (June), big family wedding (June), move to Okinawa (June), get settled in in Okinawa (Aug.), and sell my first cake in Okinawa (Oct.). See as you read that sentence that's how fast it went by... I feel like I can't even say I was 22 because I blinked and I was 23. Wow... Halloween already?

Ok well, since its Halloween time I felt it only right to get started on those Halloween cakes. So here's the latest cake addition:

And so... whats the verdict? Do you like it? I've been researching this cake for about a week. I finally decided I would go for it. So, I created what i think is really an awesome cake. I feel like I worked harder on this cake then some in the past. I have to say it doesn't look challenging probably from your side of the computer but I sure had to work hard to get those roses to have two colors. I also worked hard to get that stem to look real. I also worked really hard on the leafs on the stem, those were fun! I tried to get those leafs to stand off the stem. They look as if they are blowing in the wind, wouldn't you agree?

Ok so would you take this little guy out of the pumpkin patch if you saw him sitting there all alone? I think I would! How about you?

More Suitcase Photos

Ok, so my wonderful sister-in-law sent me the photos from the Mitch and Janice goodbye suitcase cake party. These photos are awesome. I was so excited to get them. I couldn't have been happier with Mitch and Janice's response to the cake. They said it was moist and was really delicious! So, with that I give you:

Yes, this is Mitch having fun with the suitcase cake... he's pulling it! I love this, because this is what my cakes are all about. I love when my customers feel the cake is so realistic, or it surprises them because of the detail. I love this part of my job, the part where the customers love the cake so much... makes me happy!

This is Mitch and Janice in front of their cake! This is an awesome photo... happy customers!!! Yay!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Suitcase

That was the overall view of the final cake.

Here's some close ups/detail shots:

Ok, so this cake was a lot more fun then the last suitcase I did. This was a lot of work. It started out a little rough, only because I ran out of ink... Had to get more for the photos. Well, then once I did that, then the last layer of cake just seemed like it didn't want to bake all the way through. It baked an additional 20 minutes longer then the other two layers. In any case, I feel the cake still needed more work... but I guess I'll save that for next time!

Ok, so this cake was made for my sister-in-laws friends who are leaving Oki to head back to the states for their next duty station. All the stickers represent something, somewhere along their path together. The idea was to capture all their travels on a little suitcase, as if they have traveled with it along their journey. It was a lot of work, and a lot of time to do this little guy, but in the end I was glad to hear they all loved the cake.

Its really a fun cake, and I have attempted this suitcase style before, so if you really want to compare and see how far I have come, lets post that picture too!

Ok, so what do you all think? Leave comments come on... really any progress here? I have been inspired by many cake artists out there, and I want to thank them all!

Happy 21st Birthday

Hi all! Okay so this cake was for an order I had on October 1st! This was the first cake order I had here in Okinawa. (If you would like to see old ones I'll probably load a file up soon with them in it... but if not check out my website, I have all the orders from this past year and before on that site - link is in the last post).

Anyways I had a lot of fun jumping back into cake making after spending so much time away from it. (I recently moved from California, USA to Okinawa, Japan). This cake was for Raiza's boyfriend who was turning 21. If I'm correct they both are Marines, stationed here on Okinawa Island. Raiza was a wonderful customer. She told me exactly what she wanted! This always makes for an easy order (on my end). She wanted some very simple and clean, and to be honest it was a great way for me personally to get back into making the cakes again. in other words, nothing to complicated to start off my cake life here!

I just want to take a moment and thank Raiza for her order, and also I would like to post what she sent me after her boyfriend’s birthday party.

I hope this helps all those customers who are sitting on the fence about ordering one of my cakes.
Well, I think that's it for this cake I'll post my recent cake another day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A new site!

Hello to all my fans and friends, this here is my new blog site. Ill have this site attached to my website soon. However, if you found this site first heres the website

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

This site will be all about the customers and my new life in Okinawa, Japan. I have been trying to make a bakery world for myself, and so far I am satisfied with what I've created. If you every feel the need to give me criticism about any of my cakes please do! I love real, honest feed back, but don't be mean to be mean... please.

Anyways, I want to get this blog up and running so soon I hope to have a few entry's about my latest cakes here in OKI!