Friday, December 19, 2008

My Weekend Work In-Progress

I have been working on this group of little ones for a cake due this Sunday... they are still in-progress so yes the giraffe doesn't have its finishing touches and the zebra too.... check it out what do you all think so far?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Firetruck #2

This time it was for a Junior Firefighter!!! I have to say the more I do one type of cake, the better I get. You probably can't tell that much in this photo but the color red looks more maroon then red. The reason is, I RAN OUT OF RED!!!! Yes that's right I had to make red, and those of you who have never had to make red, its like impossible! so enough talk lets get to the photos:

I love the detail on this truck a little better. I like how the hose is a little longer. The water is so much more colorful, and the truck has more personality I feel (maybe its all that work I put into it making the color red...who knows). Overall, I like this firetruck rampage I seem to be on... anyone else need a firetruck I'm on a role??? Enjoy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Firetruck for Fireman Russell!!!

Thank you to Crystal Pitcher, my wonderful sister-in-law who took the above photos.

And the above photos were done by my ordinary camera.
This cake was a lot of fun because it was a white confetti cake, all carved into the shape of a firetruck. The little boy, Russell, was turning 3 and this cake was extra special just for him. His mother even emailed me back after his party to tell me that he was so excited about his cake he had to tell everyone and show him his awesome cake! Thank you Russell for letting me be a little part of your extra special cake. This was a fun and yet cute cake! I enjoyed this one a TON!