Friday, February 6, 2009

Did Someone Say Sesame Street?

I had a very busy weekend just awhile back and on one day I had this huge order for just one person to make. It was just overwhelming and I think I slept for a week straight after I was done! I had an order for a three tiered sesame/Elmo cake. She also ordered twp smash cakes for the twins to have. On top of those 5 cakes, she also ordered 12 Elmo cupcakes, and 15 cookie monster cupcakes! It was so much icing, cake, fondant, and cupcakes I think my head was spinning! Well, after all my hard work this was the out come, and I must say I was kind of shocked at how well it came together.

Cookie Monster cupcakes, these sure have been a big hit lately!

Elmo cupcakes...the nose is made of fondant.

The smash cakes had toppers that would be too big for the traditional "Happy Birthday (Name)" to fit on the cake. So, we came up with the idea of putting their names on the sesame street sign! I think it came together well. We also agreed to make the cakes two different colors so the twin boys felt like they were special, and had their very own unique cake.

The signs before they were placed on the cakes.

Smash cake number one finally done!

And smash cake number two finally done!

Together they looked so cute... I really liked the smash cakes when they were finally all together!

Then the big cake...

This is the front view... this was a lot of detail that took me a few days to cut out and a few days to put all together.

The finished product was just so satisfying to look at I almost wanted to sit around and see all her guests reactions! I just had so much fun, but after I was done and headed back home all I could think was "how did i finish that in time?"

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lyndsay said...

getting tired just looking at all the work you did. looks great!