Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its Been Awhile, But Here You Go!

Alright, this has to be probably the longest period of time I have not been able to write a blog. I have been preparing to head back tot he states to see family, and my cousin get married, but because I'm leaving soon I just can't seem to find the time or energy to do this blog. Finally though, I have found the time, and without further a do....

In December I was throwing a Christmas Party and wanted to have something visual to view while I was cooking and not being a great host. Well, it was Christmas time and what house is complete without an at home hand made gingerbread house. So, I decided it would a lot of fun to make a gingerbread house from scratch. I made the dough, then cut each piece out by hand, then decorated it by hand. It was a challenge but I really liked the final outcome!

These are the side, back, and front shots of the details.

The gingerbread pathway was a huge gingerbread piece about 8 inches in length. It was decorated to look like a rock pathway.

After the Christmas holiday passed, the new year was upon us all. My bakery was a little slow due to everyone enjoying the special holidays with their families. So, I had a few days to have some cupcake fun! I made these mini cupcakes and decorated them with all sorts of fondant items.

Sprinkles make any cupcake complete!

Add a flower for a hint of romance.

Any birthday girl would love a butterfly, hand painted!

Maybe a hand painted butterfly with a little "grass."

My favorite part of being in Japan is the Cherry Blossoms. I was finally able to view them up close and in person this month at the cherry blossom festival and well, because I love them so much I had to make a cupcake with one on them!

I also like when the plain butterfly is put on a colorful cupcake! It would make a perfect girls baby shower sweet treat!

After a while of searching the itnernet a million times over for a great whip cream recipe I was finally able to find something that came to my appeal. This is a chocolate cake two layered with melted chocolate in the middle.

The top of the cake with some simple stars.

I then had a ton of left over batter and whip cream frosting so i decided to decorate a million different cupcakes. Take a look at some mouth watering cupcakes... I warned you...

Plain cupcakes... or decorated with drizzled melted chocolate...

I can always go with a chocolate cupcake, melted chocolate topped with chocolate whip cream!

How about some sprinkles to give them a little color?

Or even better topped with a Hershey's kiss, for all the loved ones out there!

Those are the many adventures I started the year off with. I will be adding two more blogs that will include cakes, so keep an eye out!

Are you feeling like some sweet treats now?

Don't say I didn't warn you!

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