Friday, January 2, 2009

The Jungle Has Gone..... Cute?

The jungle cake was done awhile back, but with the many holidays I just haven't found the time to post this cute little cake up here. Well, lets see the cake first before we talk about how really cute it is!!!!

This cake was a lot of fun. I enjoyed making each animal and gave each one a little different personality when I created them. The giraffe was a little bit of a challenge to get him to stand without falling over. He even had a day where is neck kept falling off... eventually it was repaired and he was put back together. He came out almost my favorite. The hippo was the starting animal that I fell in love with. He was large and really cute. However, when I finally put stripes on the zebra, he became the winning one. I loved the way the zebra turned out. At first he was cute but wasn't really cute cute. Eventually, he grew on me well then I put his stripes on and fell in love with the little guy. The alligator was fun, along with my overly full monkey. The bird wasn't anything crazy, but the turtle took some time and detail work. In the end the baby was a new one for me and I liked how she came out. Its like all you want to do is hold the little on in your hand and just keep her forever. Well anyways, if you couldn't tell this was by far my favorite cake to date. It really was a lot of fun to create and I had a lot of internet ideas and help.

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Years Everyone!

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