Monday, December 15, 2008

Firetruck #2

This time it was for a Junior Firefighter!!! I have to say the more I do one type of cake, the better I get. You probably can't tell that much in this photo but the color red looks more maroon then red. The reason is, I RAN OUT OF RED!!!! Yes that's right I had to make red, and those of you who have never had to make red, its like impossible! so enough talk lets get to the photos:

I love the detail on this truck a little better. I like how the hose is a little longer. The water is so much more colorful, and the truck has more personality I feel (maybe its all that work I put into it making the color red...who knows). Overall, I like this firetruck rampage I seem to be on... anyone else need a firetruck I'm on a role??? Enjoy!

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